If this question seems obvious to you, there are other cultures, traditions, countries and religions that have chosen to wear the covenant on the other hand or another finger. Today, learn more about the meaning of the finger on which you wear a covenant and why there are other traditions.

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So, what hand? Right hand or left hand?

Here in France, we carry the alliance with our left hand. Be aware, however, that in Spain, Poland, Sweden, Norway, Russia or Bulgaria, the jewel is worn on the right hand. This is generally the case in all Protestant or Orthodox-majority countries.

But why do we wear the alliance on the left ring finger? 

According to an Egyptian myth, then transmitted by the Greeks, a vein would connect the left ring finger to the heart. How romantic! This vein was so named Vein of Love, "vena amoris."

How better to symbolize the union between two lovers than this Vein of Love!

Other assumptions have been made over time. For example, the ring finger being the finger that is used the least, the ring would then spoil less quickly.

It would also be said that during church marriages, when the priest pronounced "In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit," he touched in turn the middle finger, the index finger and the thumb and then slipped the ring on the fourth finger that is the ring finger.

Be aware, however, that you are free to wear your wedding ring wherever you want. Whether it's on the left hand or the right hand, or on any finger of the hand, it will have a symbolism for you and that's what counts.

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