The winter sales have finally arrived! The Athénée jewelry store offers you to discover all its bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings on sale! The old collections are sold for – 40%. Guess what? Even the new collection is on sale at -10%!

Two choices are available to you: either you discover our jewelry in jewelry in Toulouse taking advantage of the advice of our saleswomen or you find the rare pearl on our website! Remember that some jewelry is exclusively in jewelry…. But the Athénée jewelry team has thought of you, it has added some of the beautiful jewels of the brand Rosekafé!


Recently added, the Rosekafé necklace consisting of a chain and a gold vermeil silver pendant with three rings and the natural Apatite stone is fine and delicate. The Muja Juma necklace in gold vermeil silver features beautiful Amazonite natural stones throughout its chain. This necklace will be perfect in accumulation with a longer collar. Finally, Nouare's well-worked silver chain can also be used in accumulation with other silver necklaces. You will find these discounted jewels on our website and in jewelry.


Three colors of jewelry, three bracelets! The Rosekafé bracelet is mounted on a sequined black thread with turquoise beads in the shape of a tube. This bracelet can also become a necklace! It is part of the new Rosekafé collection. During the sales, you get 10% off this bracelet. Then check out a Tengam bracelet in silver vermeil or rose brown! It is only 89.40 euros instead of 149 euros for sales! There are also other bracelet models that you can find here.

Are you looking for a must-have silver bracelet? Nothing better than our silver Athenaeum bracelets. Enjoy 40% off during the winter 2021 sales. Half-jonc mid-chain, these Athenaeum bracelets have a pendant: there is the moon, the link, the star and the medallion!


Find the Rosekafé earrings matched to the bracelet presented above, these earrings are made of gold and turquoise silver vermeil. In long earrings, you can discover the XXL earrings of the brand Muja Juma in silver vermeil gold and tourmaline. This natural stone has different colors which allows to create this type of earrings. Muja Juma also offers turtle-shaped chips in gold vermeil silver for only 22.50 euros in sale!

These three pairs of gold vermeil silver earrings are part of the new collection and are stored at -10%.


The rings of the jewelry are very different, you will find rings in silver, silver vermeil gold with crystals and natural stones. Nouare reworks recycled silver to offer smooth or hammered rings. Muja Juma likes to add a stone to her rings, so you can accumulate them as you please. Here, the Muja Juma ring features a moonstone. These two rings are part of the new collection, they are offered with 10% discount during the sale.

The Transparency rings, recognizable with their crystals, are stored at -40%.

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What do you think of our selection of sold jewelry? Don't hesitate to give us a return! Hurry!

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