What is pink Quartz?

From the word "Quaterz" or "gewurz" (German) meaning growth, silicon dioxide makes up the pink Quartz. The natural stone is found in large translucent and pink crystals. The pink Quartz deposits are mainly located in Brazil.

What is the history of Pink Quartz?

Since ancient times, many civilizations have used the Pink Quartz to advocate the goddess of fertility and love. Indeed, according to Greek mythology, the Pink Quartz would be sent by Aphrodite.

In ancient Egypt, natural stone was used to combat aging.

What are the virtues and benefits of Pink Quartz?

In lithotherapy, pink Quartz softens heartache and influences the pleasures of love. Natural stone would also be recognized for its soothing virtues, besides jewelry, stone can be arranged within a house or room. Tourmaline allows the powers of the Pink Quartz to be multiplied tenfold.

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