Jewelry is more than just accessories! They are perfect for showcasing what you love about yourself. 


To make the earrings look the best they can be, the rule is simple: choose earrings that are the opposite shape of your face. It is, for example, not recommended to wear hoops when you have a round face. These earrings will go perfectly with a square face, in order to soften.

Do you want to lengthen your neck or slim your face? Bet everything on beautiful sleepers and a bun. However, pay attention to the length of the earrings: do not choose them longer than your neck, you risk giving the opposite effect!


When it comes to what you wear around your neck, the logic is reversed: opt for fine jewelry if you are slender and larger jewelry that will match your curves perfectly!

Do you find your neck too short? Extend it with a jumper. Conversely, your neck is long? Favor a choker.

Bracelets and rings

On the same principle as necklaces, your rings and bracelets will adapt to your body type.

With voluminous jewelry, your arms and hands will look slim!

Play with your jewelry to constantly create an optical effect and showcase what you want. Find your jewelry that will match your body shape here.

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